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FACULTY OF ARTS > Ancient History and Archeology :

A separate independent Department of Ancient Indian History & Archaeology was established in 1956 with Prof. C. D. CHATTERJI as its founder Head. He was a great Pali scholar and made very important contribution in the field of Asokan History in particular and epigraphy, numismatics in general. He was honoured in 1982 by the Sri Lanka Government, University of Vidyodaya Pirivena, Colombo by the conferring the degree of TEPITAKA-BHARTI-ESSARACHARIYA, the highest academic degree awarded to any foreigner by the University. He was succeeded by Dr. R. K. DIXIT whose contribution to the history of Chandella dynasty is monumental. He was succeeded by Prof. B. N. PURI, Prof. B. N. SRIVASTAVA, Prof. K.K.THAPLYAL, Prof. S. N. MISHRA, Prof. S. M. MISHRA and S. N. KAPUR.

Prof. A.B.L.AWASTHI, a Reader in the Department was appointed as Professor at the University of Sagar, M. P. Dr. S. D. SINGH another Reader in the Department was appointed as Professor at the Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. Again he was appointed as professor at Vikram University, Ujjain. Later on he joined the University of Queensland in Australia. Prof. RAMASHRAYA AVASTHI of this Department is an authority in the field of Iconography. Prof. A. LAL’s main contribution and interest is in Buddhist Studies. He also became the Vive-Chancellor of Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia University.

Thrust Areas :

  • Study of the Ancient sites and Monuments in U.P.
    • Village to Village explorations and excavations of ancient sites to determine cultural sequence, antiquity, and settlement pattern Paleoenvironment and other relevant aspects related to Ancient Culture of U.P.
    • Architectural and sculptural study of monuments of U.P.
    • Iconographic study of the images collected in the various museums of U.P.
  • Study of Ancient Indian coins Particularly housed in the museums
  • Problems related social economic and religious life of ancient people
  • Study of geographical data mentioned in the Ancient Indian Literature and their correlation with ancient sites.
  • Ancient polity, administration and good governance
  • Study of various aspects related to influences and interactions between Ancient India, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate
  • B.A. Ancient Indian History
Post Graduate
  • M. A. Ancient Indian History (Archaeology)
  • M. A. Ancient Indian History (Culture)
  • PG Diploma in Archaeology and Museology (Two Year)

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