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Department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments in the University of Lucknow. In its early days it offered courses of only classical Arabic language and literature starting from under Graduate Level up to Ph.D and D.Litt. degrees. It has produced several internationally and nationally known scholars.Several foreign celebrities were attached as students of the Department, which enhanced its status in the Muslim world. Few of them are Dr. Abdul Malik Bin Ahdullah Bin Danish, Minister of Higher education for girls, Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prof. Amir Hussain Sarkar Islamic University, Dhaka, BangIa Desh and Prof. Shafyee Siregar, Indonesian. Prof. Waheed Mirza, Prof. S.B. Samadi, Prof. M. Rizwan Alavi with their able scholarship and headship contributed significantly in the growth of this departmen. During the Headship of Prof. M.Rizwan Alavi, a new discipline “ Arab Culture and Civilization” (from B.A. Up to D.Litt level) was introduced and recognized by the State Government . He also succeeded to start courses of Modern Arabic language and Literature at various levels.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate
  • B.A. Arabic
  • B. A. Arab Culture
Post Graduate
  • M. A. Arabic
  • M. A. Arab Culture
  • Arabic
  • Arabic

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