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FACULTY OF ARTS > Linguistics :

The department of Linguistics acquired an independent status in 1976 on account of the bifurcation of department of Hindi and Modern Indian Languages. It developed due to the efforts of Prof. S.P. Agarwal and Mr. R.K. Rastogi. Prof. G.S. Pandey and Dr.V.P. Jain were the new incumbents occupying the chair of Head in the course of time during the early nineties. The department has been continuously developing in the field of teaching and research in Linguistics. Dr. Usha Sinha is the present Head of the department, under whose guidance the department is progressing by making new courses more relevant, comprehensive and meaningful. Syllabi has been modernized and restructured on the guidelines suggested by U.G.C.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate
  • B.A.
Post Graduate
  • M.A.
  • Certificate of Communicative Hindi For Foreigners and Proficiency non-Hindi speaking Indian Students
  • Linguistics (One Year) P.G. Diploma
  • Translation (One Year) P.G. Diploma

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