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INSTITUTES/CENTRES > Institute of Development Studies :

To meet the challenges of emerging scenario in the twenty first century and to optimally exploit the new (even qualitatively new) opportunities, the country needs vigorous result - oriented inter- disciplinary efforts, of a nature and scale, rarely needed before. The efforts at the highest intellectual level have to be directed towards research, leading to strategies for growth with social justice and progress and understanding of scientific processes, consultancy of an interdisciplinary in nature on specific problems requiring a time bound solution and development of a new breed of leaders (Managers, Technocrats, Population Scientists etc.) equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills and ability to acquire new knowledge/skills on their own, a vision of things as they could be, a concern for fellow human beings and the confidence to face unknown. Anticipating the potential unleashed by the globalization and anticipating the future demand for personnel, the Institute of Development Studies was established in September 1994 in the premises of Lucknow University, Lucknow. The Institute envisages an educational mission of inter-disciplinary nature by net-working the knowledge, efforts and expertise available in the fields of various disciplines (in and outside the campus) for providing the best technical advice to government executives, policy-makers, planners and researchers. The Institute was established in 1994 by the University of Lucknow, as the recognition of the fact that development studies, encompass a wide spectrum of disciplines, and hence inter-disciplinary institute provides a natural habitat for the same.

In the realm of development studies, isolated or independent application of any discipline is neither feasible nor desirable. There is unanimity in academic and policy-making circles that the process of development is related with complex and conflicting sets of economical, social, political, legal and other parameters. The mechanics, dynamics and problems of the process of development can be meaningfully studied and analyzed only by taking resource to a multi- disciplinary approach. Accordingly, the usual obsession of traditional academicians for maintaining separate identities of their respective disciplines by keeping them separate and nurturing them only from within is being fast replaced by an interactive model.

The Institute is located on the bank of Gomti river in the heart of historic city of Lucknow and operating under the auspices of one of the premier academic centres of the country - "Lucknow University". The proximity of Lucknow University, Baba Saheb Ambedkar University, Indian Institute of Management, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, centre of learning and research, the seat of state government, growing industries all make the location of such an Institute at Lucknow very appropriate. It is to be noted that the Institute is getting financial assistance in terms of non-plan grants from state government and also has received development grants from the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Courses Offered

  • Master of Arts in Development Studies (MA-DS) launced in 2003-04 session.
  • Master in Population and Environment, (Passed by Governing Board of Institute of Development Studies, Executive Council and Academic Council, Lucknow University (to be lanuched),

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